February 10, 2015

"I am your Jesus, born Incarnate."

"Once again, I tell you that it is not who you obey, but what you obey that counts. A person may be seated upon the highest throne, carry a title which demands the highest respect, even be supported by laws which demand obedience; but, in My Eyes, he is nothing unless he has Holy Love in his heart. Holy Love flavors every action of the just man. Holy Love is the path and the gateway to salvation."

"Holy Love in the heart deserves esteem and acts with integrity. Such a heart is incapable of untruth. Therefore, a heart steeped in Holy Love cannot wound My Mournful Heart with compromise of Truth. Such a leader or person of esteem would never abuse his authority, for he does not have self-interest at heart. Therefore, such a one is easy to obey through mutual Holy Love and respect. He protects the reputation of those who follow him. In him there is no guile or hidden agenda."

"The person who lives in Holy Love is at peace, for he trusts in Me. He trusts My Mercy and My Provision. Without the foundation of Holy Love, the soul becomes too dependent on himself. Then he opens his heart to obeying ungodliness."

"Remember My telling you these things as you look at the world situation."