A Brief Tour of The Immaculate Heart of Mary Prayer Center at Maranatha Spring and Shrine

A Pictorial Tour of the Prayer Center

The Immaculate Heart Prayer Center

Second Sorrow of Mary: The Flight into Egypt. "I invite you to meditate upon the anxiety in the hearts of Joseph and Myself for the safety of Baby Jesus, and the anxiety I feel today for those who run from salvation." September 5, 1997

[The image of Mary, Refuge of Holy Love was drawn by Maureen Sweeney- Kyle on March 4, 1997, with Blessed Mother who actually took Maureen's hand and assisted her in drawing this image, in order to depict how She looks to the visionary, and to grant to the world a new source of grace.]

Our Lady: "Promulgate the Image you have before you (Mary, Refuge of Holy Love). In this Image is the culmination of all My apparitions during this century. It is the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart spoken of at Fatima. It is the promise of an era to come spoken of at Garabandal. I speak of the crown over My Heart, which foretells the victory of the United Hearts and the triumph of the Church over evil. The cross on My hand represents a dogma which is coming - Co-Redemptrix. I am pointing to My Heart, calling humanity into this safe Refuge. This Refuge is Holy Love. When you live in Holy Love, you imitate My Heart." July 30, 1997

Our Lady: "Dear children, please know and understand that many and particular graces will come to you through this Image." March 6, 1997

Our Lady: "...Those that do so shall not have anything to fear in these tribulations which are at hand." April 9, 1998 Our Lady: "... this is your fortress against evil, against much that will occur in the world." April 11, 1998

Our Lady: "...It is a fortress against evil and should stand guard over every heart and home. The Image itself is only lines on paper, but through grace God deems it a protection - a fortress - in these times. God uses the natural to extend miracles of grace just as He does with the water on the property." April 28, 1998

Our Lady: "... but understand and believe, My dear children, that it is the invocation 'Mary, Refuge of Holy Love, pray for us' that is your protection and your defense. Dear children, rely on the Image of My Heart that reminds you of this certain Refuge." May 7, 1998

[Blessed Mother appeared to Maureen during prayer services held at Seven Hills, Ohio throughout the early 1990's. Our Lady hovered over one particular area of the room at the prayer meetings. No matter where Maureen would sit, Blessed Mother always appeared in the same place. Eventually this area of the carpeting, over which Our Lady appeared, began to radiate the fragrance of roses. Blessed Mother advised to mark off this area with a circle (representing eternity), and to place rosaries and other holy items there for special blessings. When the Ministry was forced to move from the Seven Hills site, and eventually to move to the new 85-acre property, Blessed Mother directed the Ministry to cut out the carpeted area where "heaven and earth have met" so the blessings could continue for those who venerate this special area of grace.]

"The favors I grant to those who come here will be particular to their needs as God sees them. No one will leave untouched by grace... Dear children, I leave you this sign of My presence amongst you. Press your rosaries and other objects to it. Kiss it and venerate it. THIS IS WHERE HEAVEN AND EARTH HAVE MET. I promise many, many graces to those who do so." March 22, 1992

"Each will receive a grace particular to his or her own needs. God knows best what to give. It may not be the scent of roses, but another grace." March 23, 1992

"I welcome all who have answered My call to come here. I am waiting to take each petition to the Heart of My Son. Therefore, My little children, come to Me in loving trust as a child to its mother in your every need." July 30, 1992

JESUS: "The graces given at My Mother's Blessing Point let faults rise to the surface so that the soul is awakened and prodded into dealing with them." August 1, 1992

"Know, My daughter, that this is a wellspring of grace and a special gateway to My Immaculate Heart. Please understand any article you place here will carry with it special grace to heal the infirm, to comfort and convert hearts, and to take power over darkness. Do not hesitate to come in faith." August 5, 1992

"Encourage My children to come to My Blessing Point, for it is here I will open My Heart to humanity." March 8, 1993

Pilgrims are encouraged: 1) To venerate Our Lady's Blessing Point. 2) To touch their articles to it. 3) To touch their petitions to the Blessing Point prior to putting them in the basket located near the foot of Our Lady's statue in the alcove.

"Please make it known My presence is continually and always at Maranatha Spring and at the Blessing Point. For here I intend to grant many favors." May 23, 1994

"Everything that I come for - My presence on this property, My message of Holy Love, the graces given through the Blessing Point and sources of water - are grace from God. Since fear opposes My grace, you must recognize that suspicious fear comes from the adversary." December 12, 1997

This statue has been seen to weep.

Jesus: "My child, listen to Me. Do you know why I cry? How many times have I sent My Mother to this site? I weep for those who do not come, do not pray, will not listen, and will not believe. Greater still is the pain I feel by those who blaspheme the visitations of My Mother. And the message - so pure - so clear - resonating My Gospels, how can it be controversial? Yes, we must pray. I will continue to weep until the triumph. With a passionate Heart I will continue to weep." May 27, 1998

Jesus: "I died with and for love of you. Divine Mercy and Divine Love are one. Holy Love and Holy Compassion are one. Die to yourself. Live for the United Hearts." March 31, 1996

In some photographs, this white statue seemed to have human coloring of the hair and face rather than that of a white statue.

Our Lady: "In the Mission Center, I will step out of the statue in the alcove as a sign of My greeting those who come. This too will be photographed." November 12, 1997

7. ST. THERESE, THE LITTLE FLOWER, Patroness of Holy Love Ministries
Our Lady: "Both of these (St. Therese and Padre Pio) were victims of love - Holy Love. Both made great strides to bridge the span between Heaven and earth through Holy Love." June 18, 1997

Our Lady: "To some, it seems too simplistic. Understand, the simple is difficult to live." (Now She has Therese of Lisieux with Her.) "All vocation and stations in life are to be vested in Holy Love, as this humble nun proclaimed. All must realize the significance of the present moment. It is in the present moment that the reality of your salvation lies. You are always in the Refuge of My Heart when you live this message." October 1, 1997

8. ST. JOHN VIANNEY, Cure of Ars, Patron of Parish Priests
St. John Vianney: "Faith in the Holy Father, faith in the Real Presence in the Eucharist, devotion to Our Lady and the Holy Rosary - these are the three strong points that a good priest must have. There is nothing here open to debate or compromise. These are Church doctrine. No one can be one-half a Catholic. You either believe or you don't. The function of a priest is to bring the sacraments to the people. Nothing should get in the way of this." June 7, 1997

"I have come to describe to you the perfect Cardinal, Archbishop, and Bishop. Such a one is completely loyal to the present Holy Father. He does not support heresy but confronts it. He is not politically motivated nor concerned with popularity within Church ranks or in the world. He is a shepherd standing for Church tradition and truth. I come to you so that those who are listening will be able to recognize good and discern evil." June 8, 1997

"Priests need to take seriously their charge, which is the salvation of every soul given over to them by Jesus. Too much is made of social action, modern psychology, and the like. Not enough emphasis is placed on sin, salvation, heaven, and hell." August 4, 1998

Our Lady: "At My greatest shrines, My daughter, no greater grace is given than is already present at this site. Much comes through the devotion of the journeying pilgrims. God chooses to use the natural to give supernatural grace. Such is true with the message itself; with the sources of water; the remnant of My hair, which will strengthen the remnant faithful; plus the multitude of occurrences on film. I come to challenge the faint of heart, to give precious self knowledge, and to bring favor into the world. Please make it known." May 28, 1998

Our Lady comes in blue and pink. She says: "My daughter, you must have courage and tell the people what I give you to say. It is by such a frail thread that the world hangs suspended over the abyss - the abyss between Heaven and earth. This is why, My daughter, I give you the strand of My hair to venerate; and, as you do so, to see the frail position earth has placed herself in. Only with much love, prayer, and sacrifice will the frail strand remain. Oh My daughter, how I weep for the plight of the world today. How I weep. And My Son, I can no longer console Him. You must have courage. You must make this known." June 4, 1998

JESUS: "Tell My people who assemble tonight I will walk in their midst. I will heal them. When they touch the holy relic of My Mother's hair, untold grace will be theirs." March 6, 1998

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Guadalupe. "I come to you under this title, not for one nation or hemisphere, but for all nations and all people. I am the Mother of mercy and love. I am your Mother. I have come to lead My children out of the desert of confusion and to deliver them into the Arms of Truth... I invite you to have a clear understanding of these times. When the King returns to review His Kingdom, He will come wielding a sword of flames. His bounty will be the righteous, who pursue His unending Mercy from age to age. The fate of every nation rests with the unborn. It is the unborn who will judge and convict. I call you from the death of sin to the light of salvation. When you love, you are victorious. My daughter, I continue to come to you under this title of Guadalupe so that mankind will pursue reconciliation with God. During this time all that calls you back to God - faith, prayer, holiness, life itself - is opposed and persecuted in the world. The sins today are more grievous and more offensive to God than any, for they are not committed through pagan ignorance but by those who say or pretend to love My Jesus or who once loved Him." (She has tears coming down Her cheeks.) December 12, 1997


A Pictorial Tour of the Prayer Center

The Prayer Center is located at the beginning of the property at Maranatha Spring and Shrine in Lorain County.

Weekly prayer services are held inside of the Prayer Center and, weather permitting, many monthly prayer services may be held outdoors at one of the shrines.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Prayer Center houses the pilgrim image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Blessing Point, The Relic of a Strand of Blessed Mother's Hair, Statues of Our Lady of Grace, The Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. John Vianney (Cure d'Ars), St. Therese the Little Flower, and St. Joseph and the Child Jesus. At the prayer center is the United Hearts Gift Shop, which carries all of the books, medals, scapulars, miraculous images, and prayer cards with messages and devotions specific to this ministry.

"It is in My Heart and in the Will of God that Cleveland will become a destination of pilgrimages."
--Message from Blessed Mother, 1996