October 8, 1999
Jesus Christ

“Because I am Jesus, born Incarnate, I am able to tender to souls truly consecrated to Divine Love certain spiritual benefits. Take special note of the word ‘truly' for these graces will not pour upon those who do not consecrate their hearts to Divine Love. This consecration cannot be accomplished superficially.”

“To all those who will surrender to Divine Love, I promise these spiritual benefits:

* My Assistance – Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in coming deep into Divine Love.

* Through this, My Heavenly assistance, a deepening awareness of God's Holy and Divine Will in the present moment.

* The crosses in their lives will be more meritorious, as they will be able to surrender more completely to them. Thus as My Victorious Heart is embraced by a crown of thorns, so shall their own hearts be thus embraced, bringing to Me sinners.

* Every burden in this life will be sweet and light by My grace.

* Your lives will be signs of Divine Love in the world.

* Those who live in the Divine Love and Will of God will have peace in this life and the promise of salvation at their death. It is then My Mother will come for them with Her angels.”

“All of these I give to you to make known along with the consecration which is forthcoming.”