March 12, 2017
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My brothers and sisters, accept the Image of Our United Hearts as the visual of My Father's Divine Will. It is He who sent Me to tell you this and to give you this Image. The Sacred Chambers of Our United Hearts lead the soul on the journey into union and immersion in the Divine Will. All that is needed is the soul's ‘yes'. This ‘yes' is your surrender to Our United Hearts. Your surrender is your protection from the evils of these times.”

“You must, with courage and holy boldness, be willing to choose this path – this surrender. Not to do so is to reject yet another grace. So many are rejected these days.”

“This Revelation of Our United Hearts is Heaven's Intervention during these troubled times when so many cannot discern good from evil and most do not choose to. You should review the Journey through the Chambers daily as a reminder of where your efforts should be spent.”