March 24, 2017
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“It is during these times that Satan has twisted the Truth to such a degree that it is difficult to recognize it. The term ‘freedom' has been transformed into the right to embrace every sort of debauchery and to deny, in many ways, the open practice of Christian belief. Human feelings are placed above God's Commandments.”

“One lie that is commonly accepted is that there is no accountability before God for transgression of the Commandments so long as the conscience believes it is alright.”

“The soul is free to choose salvation or eternal condemnation. I do not choose this for anyone. Due to Satan's confusion, however, consciences have become so compromised that sinful choices are made in the name of freedom.”

“Today, I ask you to redirect your free will and to change the course of your life by choosing the freedom of Holy Love.”