July 3, 2017
God The Father

Once again, I see a Great Flame that I (Maureen) have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “I am the Lord of All – Creator of all. Today, I come to remind you of the founding of your country as an independent nation. It was necessary for the citizens of the British Colonies to revolt against the effects of bad leadership. Only then, was religious freedom born here.”

“In like manner, I have come to ask for a revolution of good over evil. When I refer to good, I refer to the moral fruits of following My Commandments. It is past time for good to unite and to make their objectives heard. It is time for good to be made known as the solution to earth's woes.”

“Voice the objectives of choosing good. These are numerous – an end to decisions which oppose My Reign, strength in opposing evil, religious freedom unassailed by persecution and more. Lucifer does not want these fruits alive and well in your country or in the world. You must make the effort to unite and oppose the evil in the world by supporting good – My Commandments in public.”