October 25, 1999

Jesus comes. His Heart is exposed. “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Does the light from My Heart attract you, My child? Many are attracted to My Heart, but few there are who surrender. When the soul removes the last bit of vested interest in the world from his midst and clings to Me through the Divine Will, I am able to make of him a holy nation. Such a soul affects everyone around him. Thus the world is changed forever.”

“Submit to Me everything. Accept everything. Allow the royal flame of My Heart to ignite in you and engulf your soul forever. The greatest merit a soul can have is this complete Consecration to My Divine Love. Oh, how I wish the world were ablaze with this flame.”

“Understand, I do not ask your surrender in the future, but in the present, for the future of every soul rests in the present moment. If you can accept discomforts, surrender your reputation, and abandon yourself to Me, you will pass quickly through the chambers of My Heart. And I will bless you.”