April 5, 2000
Monthly Message to All Nations
Jesus Christ

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. Their Hearts are exposed. Blessed Mother says: “Praised be Jesus.”

Jesus: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to draw the world closer to Me. The will of the world is self-centered, and if it does not turn to God through the Divine Will of My Father, [it] faces much heartache. No one is exempt from Satan's attacks – no matter his title, position of authority, or material well-being. It is evil that keeps the heart centered on self instead of God. This is how wars begin. This is how sin is committed. It is only by a movement of free will [that] hearts return to Me.”

“The decisions each heart makes from moment to moment – good versus evil – affect the universe. This is because the angel holds the scale which balances good as opposed to evil. The scale is Justice and is already spilling over into the world around you. Do not wait until you see your soul and how it stands before Me. Forgive your enemies until you regard no one with unforgiveness. Bitter hearts tip the scale heavily towards evil. Fill your hands with good works. Fill your hearts with loving prayer. If your heart is not free of bitterness and self love, you do not love Me with your whole heart.”

“My brothers and sisters, so high are My ways above your own, that you cannot begin to comprehend how your moment-to-moment decisions weigh upon the scale of Justice. But I tell you, no moment passes that is not decisive in God's eternal plan. Evil cannot affect you, unless you will to choose it. Since I have revealed to you the path of light, remain in the light and avoid the darkness for the good of your soul, for the good of the world. We're extending to you today Our Blessing of Our United Hearts.”