April 7, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to explain to you quite simply the Chambers of My Sacred Heart. There are Four Chambers. The First chamber of My Heart is the Immaculate Heart of My Holy Mother Mary – for no one can come to Me except through Her Heart which is Holy Love. Each successive chamber of Our United Hearts takes you deeper into Divine Love – My Divine Heart.”

“It is best explained this way. Compare the spiritual journey to a candle. In the First Chamber – the Heart of My Mother – the flame flickers and does not give off a steady light. The Holy Love in the heart of the soul has not been purified. The soul in this chamber needs to be purged of its most glaring faults. The love in the hearts in this Chamber is weak. It flickers like a flame in a breeze.”

“As the soul is made more loving under the commandments of love, it moves into Divine Love and the Second Chamber of My Heart. Here the soul receives much illumination and interior changes take place within the heart. The soul develops a private relationship with Me. Now the soul has light, but it is like a flame under cover, for much of the flame remains hidden between the soul and Me.”

“The next Chamber [the Third Chamber] brings noticeable change. The progress that the heart has made in the first Two Chambers comes to light. The flame of love in the heart of the soul spills out into the world around him. He is a martyr of love who strives to conform to the Divine Will of My Father.”

“Ah! But now we come to the Fourth Chamber of My Heart. This is the Most Intimate Chamber. The souls in this privileged Chamber – and few there are – live in complete union with the Divine Will of God. The flame of the little candle of the soul now burns with a steady light as it is united to the Flame of Our United Hearts. The soul has no more wants, for his will is annihilated and one with the Divine Will. This Chamber is the goal of all spirituality. This Chamber is a palace and in this palace the Will of My Father is enthroned.”

“I can tell you about this spiritual journey, but you must follow it through surrender of your own will. Each door to each Chamber opens through greater surrender and conformity to the Divine Will. When you discover God's Will in your own heart, you will be in the Fourth Chamber.”

“Please make it known.”