April 10, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I feel your heart is a little confused. Let Me try and clear the confusion. The Chambers of My Heart are a progression in surrender to the Divine Will. There are the Four Chambers of My Heart. But, and this is what I desire that you understand, there is also a Fifth Chamber. The Fifth Chamber of My Heart is secretly hidden within the Fourth Chamber. It is the Kingdom of the Divine Will within your own heart. It needs to be discovered by the soul as he dwells within the Fourth Chamber. Some souls in the Fourth Chamber do not discover this inner Kingdom, which is My Heart within them. Though they are in union with the Divine Will, this discovery of the Fifth Chamber remains elusive. The souls who do discover My Kingdom within them are already in the New Jerusalem.”

“The Fifth Chamber, then, is not your heart moving deeper into My Heart, but the discovery of My Heart within your own.”

“You will please make this known.”