April 17, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to help you understand the depth of the Fourth Chamber of My Heart. Within this chamber is an inner sanctum – some may term it a Fifth Chamber – which few souls have entered from the beginning of time. The hearts that enter this sanctuary never think of self. Their will is completely annihilated and the Divine Will of My Father reigns supreme. The Will of God is the height and breadth, indeed the substance of this sanctuary of peace, as is every soul thus admitted.”

“Let Me explain it this way. Say that the soul is a snowflake. It is created by God and comes into being in the world. It falls as an individual flake, but as it reaches earth unites with many, losing its individuality in a snow drift. In the spiritual life the soul is created, has its own will, but unites to the Will of God. The journey of our snowflake continues. It evaporates and returns to the heavens. Thus in the spiritual realm, the soul loses itself (evaporates) and becomes one with My Father in Heaven.”

“Each soul is capable of this journey, but few there are that choose it. Make it known.”