April 20, 2000
Public – Meditations on Joyful Mysteries
Jesus Christ



“Mary's surrender to the Divine Will of God unites Holy & Divine Love for the first time in the world.”


“My Mother believed in the message of the angel and left in haste for the visit with Her cousin. She lived to fulfill the Divine Will of My Father.”


“The Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst all people. The Word came into being at the command of the Eternal Father. The Incarnate Word is the Will of God.”


“Mary and Joseph lived in obedience to the Divine Will and thus those in authority over them. They willingly cooperated with tradition in taking Me to the temple to be blessed.”

Jesus Is Lost in the Temple

“The fire of Divine Love within My Breast urged Me to remain in the temple to speak and teach. I was on fire with Divine Love. I could think of nothing but My Father in Heaven.”