April 21, 2000
Public – Meditations on Sorrowful Mysteries
Jesus Christ

Agony in the Garden

“I suffered the Agony in the Garden for those who were obstinate in their choices against their own salvation. I saw the great numbers of souls who would fall to their perdition despite My sacrifice.”

Scourging at the Pillar

“I suffered the mortification of the Scourging for those who commit sins of the flesh.”

Crowning with Thorns

“I submitted to the Crowning with Thorns for those who have a proud heart. These are the ones whose thoughts, words, and actions are centered on self.”

Carrying of the Cross

“I carried the Cross with great love in My Heart for sinners. Each step was for more souls. Every fall was for the lukewarm. My last fall was for lukewarm priests.”


“My Mother's presence at the foot of the Cross gave Me strength to embrace the Cross. My Mother will intercede for all those who seek strength in embracing their own crosses.”

“Make all of this known.”