April 26, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate, Risen in Triumph. Alleluia! How can I explain the Fifth Most Intimate Chamber of My Heart? In this Chamber the soul exists and is completely absorbed in the Divine Will. The person no longer lives, but the Will of God lives through him. He accepts everything as from the Hand of My Father, knowing everything is a grace and all things turn to the good of his salvation. Every virtue has been fine-tuned. The Kingdom of the Divine Will reigns within his heart. This Kingdom is the Triumph of Our United Hearts!”

“It is like food which is assimilated and disappears. It becomes part of the body. This is what the Kingdom of the Divine Will is like. This is the Fifth Chamber of My Most Sacred Heart.”

“Have no more wants – only needs. Give glory to God in all things for with human eyes you do not always see God's Hand in each event at the outset – but It is there. Let your whole being radiate your unity with the Divine Will. I have long desired that each soul live in this way.”

“Please let it be known.”