June 5, 2000
Monthly Message to All Nations
Jesus Christ

“Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. Their Hearts are exposed. Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My brothers and sisters, today I am forming an army of love through your prayers and sacrifices, through your worthy reception of the Holy Eucharist, and your love-filled rosaries. It is through the love in your hearts that I will defeat the compromised conscience. Come to Me, My children, come to Me and I will lead you to the victory of Our United Hearts.”

“I have given the world a legacy through this mission – the Way of Holy and Divine Love. It is up to hearts now to make ready use of it. I suffer yet the Agony in the Garden for those who will not listen. Peace is not genuine unless it is based on the Divine Will of My Father. False peace arises from false consciences. A false conscience is one not formed in the law of Holy Love.”

“Our Hearts will not reign in victory until every heart embraces Holy Love. Therefore, see that the decisive battle is going on in hearts – the battle between good and evil. Mankind cannot produce a weapon of destruction that will win this war. Nor can he negotiate lasting peace outside of Holy Love.”

“Your weapons that will win this war are the Holy Eucharist and the holy rosary. Receive the Eucharist and pray your rosaries with hearts full of Holy Love. In this way, you will use the love in your hearts to defeat Satan and win the war.”

“Any form of government that opposes My Law of Holy Love, the Eucharist, or the rosary is already an Antichrist in your midst. You must be strong, prudent and not gullible. Do not trust man-made peace. Trust the only real peace that comes from Heaven – from the Divine Will of God.” The United Hearts Blessing is given.