June 17, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Are you ready for your lesson today? I am here to teach you about the virtue of diligence. Diligence is a virtue much like a container made up of the Will of God in the present moment. Through the practice of diligence, the soul surrenders every present moment task to the Will of God for the love of God. Anything that the soul does which is not done for the love of God is not of eternal value.”

“Through the virtue of diligence, the soul performs each task before him as perfectly as possible. But this perfection varies greatly from a worldly perfectionism. The worldly soul wants to perform tasks perfectly to meet with his own satisfaction or the laud of others. The soul who possesses the virtue of diligence takes on each task purely for love of God. Therefore, even the lowliest task is made worthy and holy and gains eternal merit.”

“The diligent soul knows well that the present moment will never come again. But every moment can be a part of My Victory through diligence.”

“Diligence is like a basket containing freshly baked bread, the bread being the soul's good deeds performed diligently. The aroma of these deeds enhances the environment. The basket is woven of love of God's Will in the present moment.”

“Make it known.”