June 30, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Come deeper into the Flame of Eternal and Divine Love. All you need do is desire it and you will receive it. This is the Flame that devours all evil, all iniquity, every error. It is the Flame that burns away apathy and complacency.”

“I call you into union. Do not seek any other measure towards your salvation – there is none. Let every thought, word, and action be performed in union with this Divine Flame of Love. Become a part of this Flame. So much do I desire it! In Me, every virtue comes to perfection and truth reigns. This Flame of Divine Love is the Flame that will reign over and illuminate the New Jerusalem.”

“My people should not seek out answers about the future, but allow Me to reign over their hearts in the present. For this is the answer – the sure path to salvation.”

“Please make this known.”