January 21, 2019
Feast of Mary, Protectress of the Faith – 33rd Anniversary
Blessed Virgin Mary

The Blessed Virgin Mary says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, I come to you today as the Protectress of your Faith. I cling to this title despite official approval.* Faith is under attack today more than ever before. It is indeed in vogue to deny the true Faith. Your faith needs to be your lifeboat amidst the storms of life, protecting you from apostasy and every compromise of the Truth. You should pray daily to Me under this title. Then, I will enlighten you as to the ways your faith is under attack. Such subtleties as the ways in which world news is presented to you, music and dress codes are passed on to you as the norm. Pray for righteous wisdom which helps you to see with the eyes of Truth, not with the eyes of what is socially acceptable.”

“The age of innocence is long past. It has been replaced by a dangerous sophistication. You cannot afford not to listen to Me. If there were no need for your faith to be protected, I would not be insistent on using this title. As it is, it is sheer carelessness to deny that Faith is acceptable. The evil one promotes in your hearts every sort of compromise and false sense of security. Do not be at peace unless you are clothed in the true Faith.”

* Note: After checking with a theologian from the diocese, the bishop rejected Our Lady's request for the title ‘Protectress of the Faith' stating that there already were too many devotions to Blessed Mother and the saints. Our Lady requested this title from the Cleveland bishop in 1987.