February 6, 2019
God The Father

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “Children, I come to you out of Love to bring you Love. I have prepared a place for each one of you in Heaven. You are in the world today to earn that place. Clothe yourselves in Holy Love, so that when your hour of judgment comes, I can readily recognize each of you. Remember, always, I am your Protection and your Provision.”

“These days, Satan attacks mankind in every way possible – through entertainment, ambitious goals in business, personal relationships and more. Because I love you, I have given you My Commandments as guides on your journey into Paradise. Even more, they are greater than guides. They expose evil in your lives and in the world around you. Nothing can be more important than your love for Me. Any sin is an obstacle, no matter how small, to that love. I encourage you to form a sound conscience and to search your conscience nightly for the least transgression against any of My Commandments. Love Me enough to do this.”

Read Deuteronomy 11:1+

“You shall therefore love the LORD your God, and keep his charge, his statutes, his ordinances, and his commandments always.

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)