May 16, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. You know that I love you. I have loved you from the beginning of time and will love you for all eternity, just as I love each soul. Through the depth of My Love, I come to ask you to pray in this way for all humanity: Pray that souls have the courage to live this message of Holy and Divine Love. Just as the first step on the stairway of holiness requires great effort, so does the first step in living these messages require great effort. Both of these steps are one. They are humility. Without humility the soul does not have the courage to look into his own heart and discover his faults. Without this self-knowledge he cannot move forward in holiness. Self-knowledge and the acceptance of it is the doorway to Holy Love and the first step to the Chambers of My Heart. Such humility requires courage. It is much easier to live in compromise and think all is well and that you are as holy as you should be. It takes humility and courage to surrender to the truth.”

“This humility and courage must surround you and follow you. It must lead you up the stairway of holiness. For the deeper the soul progresses in the Chambers of My Heart, the more he is aware of little flaws that block his way to perfection – to union.”

“Now you will please make this known.”