May 19, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My sister, I have come to tell you that there are two forces at work in the world today. These forces are: all who acknowledge the Divine Will of God and seek to be perfected in it; and all those who oppose the Divine Will of God. The vast majority of those who oppose the Will of God do so as a matter of habit. They have compromised consciences and are convinced that their excessive love of self is justified. These souls have not determined their wants versus their needs, but see all things and every whim as necessary. They hold no check over their tongue, and no prudence even in thought. All their actions are from a selfish motive: to look good in the eyes of others; to feel the best they can; to be important, powerful, and secure. These are all motives fed and nurtured by the mass media which Satan holds sway over.”

“But the ones who earnestly seek perfection and advancement in the Chambers of My Heart earnestly try to overcome excessive self love and to delineate self will as opposed to the Divine Will. These souls understand surrender, trust, and the cross. They realize that to embrace the cross is to embrace the Will of My Father. They sacrifice their own will knowing each sacrifice takes them deeper into My Heart. These souls illuminate a world given over to darkness, and light the path on the way to perfection.”

“Make it known.”