March 12, 2001
Jesus Christ

“Thank you for coming. I have awaited your arrival. I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have spoken much to you in this penitential season of Lent about surrender – surrender of your own will – surrender to the Divine Will of God. Understand that your will and your wants are the same. Because you see the future with human eyes, that is, imperfectly – what you want may not be what God sees you need. You were created to know and love God, and to share eternity with Me. Your wants very well may not lead you to this end. But the Will of My Father is perfect, eternal and all-encompassing. How foolish not to trust in His Will for you, then. If you do not trust it is because you do not love as you should. Love is the virtue that shines through every virtue, especially trust.”

“The soul that trusts only in himself – his wants and his efforts – is like a ship without a rudder cast about on the sea of self-love. It is tossed upon the waves of empty goals and aimless efforts, never finding the port of peace.”

“But the soul who accepts all things as from the Hand of God is already at peace. His wants are My Wants. His will is My Will, which is always the Will of My Father in Heaven. Love, trust, surrender and peace follow in this order. The more Holy Love comes to perfection in your heart, the more you trust – the more you surrender, the more you are at peace.”

“You will please make this known.”