July 26, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus born Incarnate. I have come to share with you the secret for hasty and certain advancement through the Chambers of My Heart. It is humble acceptance of all things as from the Hand of God. Thus, it is surrender to God's Divine Will. In this surrender, every virtue comes into play. In this surrender, self will is annihilated. The soul does not need to take account of which Chamber he is in. He only needs to accept the moment in the way My Father wills it. You may think this sounds too easy to be the key to your sanctity, but look closely and you will understand it is not easy, and not even possible without Heaven's assistance. Ask for the grace, then, to realize the importance of this request – this Heavenly guideline. As you attempt to accept God's Will you will quickly see your shortcomings and weakness in certain virtues. I will help you. Ask Me.”