August 21, 2000
Conversation with Divine Love
Jesus Christ

“Come into the Flame of My Heart. Immerse yourself in this cleansing atmosphere. I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to continue My conversation with you. How pleasing to Me is the humble heart. Such a heart is a willing instrument in My Hand. It is the humble heart that loves Me the most without considering cost to self. With a humble heart the soul loses sight of self and, because it is empty, I am able to fill it.”

“Now, My messenger, I desire you understand how much I am repulsed by the arrogant heart. Such a one is open to every whim of Satan because he is filled with self-importance. The arrogant one always seeks what pleases him – his own advantage. Some even appear on the surface to be serving Me when they really seek the spotlight for themselves.”

“Yes, arrogance is the basis of every type of sin. (But here I do not refer to the soul who from time to time slips into pride, but continually seeks to improve. I am merciful to such as these.) I speak of the arrogant soul – full of himself – who does not even search his heart for possible error. These are the ones who, given responsibility, do not lead but control. These are the ones who never see their own error, but always the blame of others.”

“How gravely My Heart is pierced by arrogance today. This type of heart dominates governments. It is present in My Church, often taking the form of intellectualism. The intellect is good if God is given credit as the source. It is not good if the soul begins to believe he is the creator of every thought.”

“The arrogant trust only in themselves, and so I withdraw from them. The world today mocks humility and simplicity. Thus, the world mocks Holy and Divine Love. Great is My distress as I gaze upon the arrogant heart. Many will be convicted of this crime. Many, many slip to their perdition because of it.”

“I relate these things to you as a shepherd calling His sheep to Himself.”