May 3, 2001
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My messenger, do you see the little bee gathering pollen from the flowering tree outside? The bee is like many and all of the pilgrims who come to the prayer site. They gather what information and graces they can from the Mission.”

“Like the bee who returns to the hive to make honey, the pilgrims return home, hopefully to allow the Message to bear fruit in their lives. The bee does not have to fly to any other source for pollen. That tree has enough blossoms to satisfy him over and over. So too, the pilgrim can find everything he needs at this apparition site.”

“Grace abounds here. The Message is the only message he need hear, because it envelops every message. At the property or through the use of the water at the many sources there present, the pilgrim will receive the illumination of conscience. He may be physically healed or receive the grace to carry his cross.”

“Just as our little bee is completely satisfied with his source of pollen, the pilgrim who comes to Maranatha will be satisfied in his needs. I have withheld nothing from those who come. I offer them the innermost Chambers of My Heart.”

“Make this known.”