October 4, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My child, listen well. No sacrifice is worthy unless it includes the surrender of self will; that is, an act that you give to Me when you want to give Me less, or even something else. This is why I say that the greatest sacrifice is the surrender of your own will. While on earth, the soul can never accomplish this perfectly because of fallen human nature. Even those who reside in the Fifth Chamber of My Heart have weaknesses. But mortification is not real or worthy unless you try to give Me your will along with it.”

“Say you give Me a present, but it is something you really don't want or need. It is given from your surplus. Such a gift is far less charitable and less worthy in My Eyes, than one that is given selflessly and out of love even though it is difficult to surrender to Me.”

“Give to Me all that you want and desire and I will fill you with what I desire you have. You will never be free of the cross, but in your surrender the cross will bring victory.”

“Make it known.”