October 6, 2000
God The Father

“I am the Eternal Father, Creator of the Universe. It is I Who command the seasons. It is I Who call life from the earth in the spring. I Who bring forth the young and succulent new life. It is I Who renew the earth, and bring the soft showers to wash away the dormant. I am in the strong wind that forces the clouds past the sun and lifts the dry leaves off of tender new plants.”

“I am in the summer, heating the air with My loving Breath so that all of nature bears fruit in due season.”
“It is I, the Eternal Father, Who in the chill autumn night paint every leaf of all My trees in a perfect pattern so that when you arise you can marvel at My handiwork.”

“I am Lord over all the harvest, the grains of the fields, the fruits and vegetables. It is I Who bear them forth – the plenty of My bounty.”

“In the winter, once again, I give earth Her rest. I chill the air and fill the sky with snowflakes, each one My Own design. A hush falls over earth and for a moment My Benevolent Heart can be felt to beat as My children await the birth of My Only Begotten Son.”

“On which season do I show My greatest favor? On all, just as My plan for each soul is individual and perfect in My Divine Will. I order all things mightily.”