October 8, 2000
Conversation with Divine Love
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Child, come closer. Do not be afraid. I have called you from out of the womb to fulfill this mission. In the world today there is much poverty. I speak not just of physical need, but of spiritual poverty. The body that does not receive the proper nourishment withers and dies. So too, the soul that is spiritually weak will wither and die. Then understand, I have come to you to breathe life into the wilted spirit of the world.”

“To some, My provision has been more than they need, but these disappoint Me in not giving of their surplus to those in need. Thus, when I give you spiritual gifts or insights, give them to the ones I put in your life.”

“I want to heal you of all concern for what others think. That is why I have called you away to be with Me today. That is why I asked you not to make excuses for your absence at the prayer center. There is a difference between pleasing others and worrying about others' reactions. If you keep foremost in your heart pleasing Me, you will never be far from Me. What I give to you – be happy to share with others. This is all a big step in surrendering your own will.”

“Oh, how I will uplift you in this surrender!”