October 11, 2000
Conversation with Divine Love
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to you today to speak about trust. The depth of your trust in Me is the proving ground of the depth of faith, hope, love, and humility in your heart. I look at the amount of trust in the heart as I consider each prayer petition. The petition steeped in the deepest trust is the one surrendered completely to Me. This is the most worthy petition and the one I act upon with the fullness of My Grace and Mercy.”

“The proud heart is unable to offer Me such a prayer for such a heart trusts only in his own efforts. He looks to control each situation and seeks My assistance in this control. He is unwilling to surrender to the Divine Will and Divine Provision.”

“The proud heart hopes only within the confines of his own will – his wants and his needs. He cannot accept Heaven's solution. Thus, he shows Me that he loves his own will more than Me. He has faith in his own plans and solutions – not in My Own. The proud heart trusts himself and lays divided before Me. Such a one is easily conquered by Satan.”

“This is why I place such great value on trust in Me. The soul's trust is proof of his love for Me. It is the measure of his humility. It is the barometer of his faith and hope. The one who trusts in Me draws upon the greatest abundance of My Mercy and Love. Thus am I able to minister with the most attentive care to his needs.”

“Make this known.”