October 16, 2000
Jesus Christ

Jesus, Blessed Virgin Mary, and St. Margaret Mary Alacoque appear. Blessed Mother and St. Margaret Mary say, “Praise be to Jesus.” Jesus says, “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.” Blessed Mother says: “Now we have come full circle.”

Jesus: “I have come to explain to you the completeness of the revelation revealed through you. All of what Heaven would reveal began with the Key to the Immaculate Heart of Mary – the prayer to Mary Protectress of the Faith. This simple prayer admits the soul into the First Chamber of Our United Hearts, which is the Immaculate Heart of Mary. With faith protected and Satan laid waste, the soul opens his heart to Holy Love – the First Chamber of the United Hearts.”

“One year ago I revealed to you the inner Chambers of My Sacred Heart, which is the completion of the United Hearts revelation and the spiritual journey towards perfection.”

“The key to the innermost Chambers of My Heart is trustful surrender. Without this, the soul cannot come deeper into My Heart of Hearts. Therefore, see that the depth of trust in the heart is also the depth of holiness. The soul that does not love Me cannot trust Me. The soul that does not trust Me cannot surrender his will to Me. It is that simple and that complex.”

“Once I said to you that you see trust as a ‘sometimes thing'. Your trust must be always – amidst conflict and victory. Trust Me no matter what. I am God. There is nothing that befalls you that I am not aware of. All things turn to good for those who love Me. (Romans Chapter 8). Even in the cross is My victory.”

“Acceptance of the cross and acceptance of God's Will are one in the same. But you can accept neither of these if you do not love Me, trust Me and surrender your will to Me.”

“My plans are beyond your own, My Father's Will for you higher than you can imagine. When you trustingly surrender to Me, We can work together. It is then I take you deepest into the Chambers of My Heart and your weakness is transformed by My strength.”

“Yes, your trust is everything. It is a reflection of your innermost being.”

“Please make this known.”