October 18, 2000
Jesus Christ

I [Maureen] was thinking of an errand I kept forgetting to do. Jesus said, “Wait a little bit. Do not let these things fill you up. Let Me be your portion. I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. Everything you need will be given you; but the center of your being needs to be given to Me. Only then will you find true peace. Only then through union with the Divine Will shall you discover the Kingdom of God within. When the Will of My Father consumes your heart then shall you partake and share the Kingdom of His Will – the Fifth Chamber.”

“Today you see the beauty of His Will all around you in the autumn colors. If His beauty in nature is such, consider the ultimate beauty He desires to share with each soul – the beauty of the Kingdom of His Will. Such depth of beauty cannot be painted in nature nor replicated by any artist, for it is Divine – Divine Love. You cannot know the brilliance of this Love until you possess it and it possesses you.”

“Perhaps I have led you into a deeper understanding of this call to all mankind. It is a journey beyond all others – this path into Our United Hearts. It must be pursued within the heart and by means of surrender of the human will. For the fall colors will fade, the leaves themselves wither and die. One thing is constant – God's Love and God's Will. Therefore let these eternal beauties rest in your heart.”

“Make these things known.”