October 30, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to discuss with you the difference between holy perfection and being a perfectionist. The one who seeks to be perfected in the virtues does so out of love of Me. The one who seeks perfectionism in the worldly sense has created a barrier between My Heart and his own.”

“To desire holiness and perfection in the virtues is a lofty goal provided the only concern is to please God. Such a one does not concern himself for worldly esteem. He is at peace – cooperating with the Divine Will of My Father.”

“The worldly perfectionist is greatly concerned with the way others perceive him. If he should make a mistake, he is quick to make excuses and blame others. It is difficult for such a one to acknowledge his own error. The perfectionist is not content with looking into his own heart, but he can readily see the errors of all those around him.”

“While the one who tries to be perfected in virtue loses his own will in the Will of God – the perfectionist is full of opinions which he cannot let go of readily. The perfectionist most often has himself at the center of his thoughts and motives, while the one who seeks perfection in the virtues tries to always have love of God at the center of his thoughts, words and actions.”

“The perfectionist has trouble forgiving both himself and others. But Holy Love always makes allowances. In humility the soul must forgive and understand that human forgiveness is a mirror of the soul's humility and a shadow of God's infinite Mercy.”

“Make it known.”