June 16, 2022
God The Father

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “Children, one step in being patient with others is to try to understand the crosses in their lives. Perhaps they are very critical as they suffer from perfectionism. Perhaps they make much of their physical ailments. This should be a sign to you that they have not fully accepted their crosses or that they are proud of their crosses. Try, when dealing with such as these, to put things in perspective for them. This involves representing the Truth to them.”

“You can be sympathetic, but at the same time point out others who suffer similar crosses patiently. At the root of impatience is disordered self-love. Remember how patient Jesus was in carrying His Cross. Pray for patience in every adversity.”

Read Psalm 31:23-24+

Love the LORD, all you his saints! The LORD preserves the faithful, but abundantly repays him who acts haughtily. Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the LORD!

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)