November 25, 2000
Conversation with Divine Love
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. You have had many distractions in your life which you chose instead of Me. But I have come so that you may know that nothing befalls you that I am unaware of. The Flame of My Heart stands ready to consume every burden and petition and reduce it to ashes. Thus do I present them to My Father. In such a humble state His Will is meted out upon them. Therefore, do not dwell on that which My Heart has already consumed.”

“Allow Me to take dominion over your heart and with burning love envelop your soul. I am unable to reach most hearts in such a way or to even express My desire to do so. You, My child, must make known this passion of My Heart – the passion I long to show all humanity.”

“The battle your country is engaged in over votes is representative of the battle that is waged each day and every moment in every heart. I speak of the battle between good and evil. As in this election, most people do not see the opponents as good versus evil, but see issues as an end in themselves. Every decision is based on good versus evil. Holy Love is the means by which you discover good and see that which is evil. To the undiscerning this is not easy. Values often become ambiguous due to self will and inordinate self love. But the Flame of My Mother's Heart which is Holy Love lays all bare.”

“Now I will bless you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”