November 26, 2000
Conversation with Divine Love
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Child, understand that Holy Love is much like a symphony. A symphony requires the performance of many instruments to make up the whole. In Holy Love, the soul must try to perfect himself in many virtues in order to come into the bosom of the virtue of Holy Love.”

“I have asked of you martyrdom – to be a martyr of love – and this is what martyrdom is: complete dying to self for love of God. You cannot achieve this on your own merit, but only with My help. It is selfish love that detracts from every virtue. Do not be distraught when I try to show you the areas of self love in your heart, for I desire your purest effort. It is then I can succeed through you. Remember, you have not chosen this mission on your own. Rather, I have called you and you have responded. You ask how I desire that your response be more complete. I am showing you. Do not back away in discouragement as I reveal areas of weakness in your heart, but move forward with Me. I will help you overcome each flaw, for your perfection is in Me and through Me – just as this mission is in Me and through Me.”

“Great is My Love for those who allow Me to assist them! Great is My joy!”