November 27, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate, Lord of Mercy and Love. I have come to help you understand that a symphony is only sweet when each instrument is played to perfection. So too, Holy Love in the heart does not reach its fullness until the virtues are practiced in their perfection. The human heart is incapable of perfect love or perfect virtue by his own efforts, but it is capable of purifying its efforts in the virtues through My grace.”

“Therefore, the orchestration of the heart's efforts in holiness are in harmony with perfection (which is God's Will) when he cooperates with grace which leads him to be more and more perfect. Such efforts rise to Heaven as a sweet symphony of surrender. It is chanted throughout Heaven by all the angels. Then it rises to the nostrils of the Eternal Father as a fragrant incense. So sweet to Heaven are the soul's efforts in holiness through grace. Make it known.”