February 14, 2001
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My sister, I tell you that the intimacies of My Heart are not open to those who pursue holiness through the intellect. It is only through spiritual surrender of the human will the soul is admitted to these Sacred Chambers. Thus, it is a cooperation between creature and Creator. The soul surrenders and the door to the Chambers is opened. I know what the soul surrenders – with what depth he surrenders, and I know, too, what he hangs on to. I see how he accepts the grace of self-knowledge or how he rejects it. I judge the merit of his surrender according to the merit of his surrender to the law of love. Some souls impede their own progress in the Chambers of My Heart by judging others' faults and disregarding their own. The one who thinks himself blameless has not entered the First Chamber.”