February 24, 2001
Conversation with Divine Love
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Allow my transforming Love to consume your heart. Thus, every semblance of your own will turns to ash and the Divine Will burns in your soul. Child, I have not come bearing this message of Holy and Divine inspiration for you alone, but for all humanity.”

“This journey into My Heart bears with it the hope and consolation of an age to come. It is then false gods will be vanquished in hearts and in the world. These are the objects of distraction and affection that replace love of Me and neighbor in the heart. The empty gods of money, power, status and the like, are that of which I speak. These will pass away and the souls that worship them will choose their own perdition.”

“This is why I tell you, I have come seeking the surrender of your will. This is the key that unlocks your salvation – the key to holiness, sanctity and unity. The more you surrender, the more I am able to give you. When you surrender completely, you will recognize Me – dwelling within your own heart.”

“Make this known.”