October 4, 2001
Jesus Christ

“I have come. I am Jesus, born Incarnate. My plan, not only for the Missionary Servants of Holy Love, but for all people, all nations, is Holy Love.

“I will describe for you the one that has advanced to the Fifth Chamber of Our United Hearts; for when you understand perfection, you will have before you the goal to reach for. The soul in the Fifth Chamber accepts all things as from the Hand of God. There are no longer two wills, but one. He is just as able to celebrate the cross as the victory.”

“The soul in union with the Divine Will does not fear humiliation or being unjustly accused. He does not take others to task for their errors, but constantly searches his own heart for his own errors. He receives and responds to correction with a gentle, loving heart. He does not pout nor lay blame or flare up at others. He is approachable–always being open to questions and suggestions. He freely shares his time and space; in fact, is openly generous in all ways.”

“He considers all others holier than he himself. There is no self-righteousness in his heart. He does not presume to know more or to have a better opinion than others. He states his opinion and lets go of it. He has a good sense of where he stands before God, not congratulating himself on graces or gifts received, but always seeking a deeper conversion of heart.”

“This, then, is the state of holiness each one needs to pursue. I desire that you make it known.”