October 24, 2001
St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas comes. He says: “I come in praise of Jesus.”

“My brothers and sisters, today you have been invited on a journey–a journey which leads to your sanctification and to Heaven itself.”

“Our Lady's Victory and the Triumph of the United Hearts is in your hands now, for the battle will only be won through Love. When you allow Holy Love to consume your heart, Our Lady is already triumphant in your heart. But you must spread the victory to other hearts by making this journey known.”

“Do not waste time trying to evaluate which Chamber you are in. To do so would be presumption. Jesus alone is the Judge. Just keep moving forward as you would on any journey. Do not be satisfied with where you are on the journey. The goal is perfection through love. Nor should you be discouraged by comparing your journey in love to another, for I tell you, each one's journey is different.”

Everyone is given the grace to reach the Fifth Chamber, but few there are who abide there. This is because they do not respond to the small graces along the way. They await a colossal grace that may never come.”

“Keep this in mind: Your eternal reward rests upon the amount of Holy Love in your heart as you take your last breath. It has always been so. This spiritual journey is the precious pearl you must abandon all else to pursue.”

“Make it known.”