August 5, 2001
Monthly Message to All Nations
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Today I have come to address the issue of disease. While much attention is given to germ warfare and new diseases, little albeit none, is given to the spiritual disease that has overwhelmed the soul of the world. This spiritual disease is the one that should be of greatest concern to everyone, for while a bacteria or virus affects mortal well-being, the spiritual illness defines the soul's eternal life.”

“These are the symptoms of a spiritually ill soul. He has a hedonistic love of the world and its allurements. Such a soul loves what appeals to his senses. There is no clearly defined sense of right and wrong in the spiritually ill. Every decision has, without notice, slipped in a murky gray area. This is the result of a convoluted conscience. He begins to love only his own will and does not consider God's Will. He does not love Me, trust Me, and will not surrender to Me. But I love him.”

“I tell you the cures and remedies mankind seeks for his ills very often die in infancy through the sin of abortion. Indeed, the war that is waged in the womb bears the consequence of war and disease in the world.”

“Today in truth I tell you, the world does not value spiritual well-being, but conversion of heart is the remedy for the tribulations in the world today. There is no vaccine or miracle drug that heals the spirit. The answer is not in the stars or crystals or any fortune teller. The cure for the woes of the soul is reconciliation with God the Creator of Heaven and earth.”

“You cannot be reconciled until you seek Divine Mercy and Divine Love with your whole heart. This is why I say to you, My Victory–the Victory of Our United Hearts–must be in hearts first and then the world.”

“My brothers and sisters, you are living in apocalyptic times. Many things must occur before My Victory will be complete. I tell you this, not so that you will live in fear, but so that you will come into the transforming love of the Chambers of My Divine Heart, for the MESSAGE here is certain and secures your salvation.”

“My brothers and sisters, return here on September 14-15.”

“I'm extending to you today My Healing Blessing of Divine Love.”