August 20, 2001
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My sister, think of trust as the vessel that holds each soul's heart still, and allows Me to fill it with Divine Love. If the vessel begins to leak, the Love I desire that the heart holds is in jeopardy. The little heart begins to squirm away from Me.”

“Perhaps the vessel cracks because of lack of trust in My Mercy. Then the heart is exposed to all sorts of error. Or perhaps the vessel is chipped in some way as the soul does not recognize evil and sin in his life. Then the little heart is in grave danger of tearing as it rubs against this abrasive surface. Sin always erodes holy trust for it takes the soul farther away from Me. The farther the soul is from Me, the more difficult it is to trust in My Love and Mercy.”

“Consider then, that trust is your protection against evil. This is why Satan does not want you to trust, and why he comes as a thief attempting to steal your trust in Me away. Ask your guardian angel to stand guard over this vessel of trust that I place every heart in at conception.”

“I will bless you.”