March 1, 2002
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to help the souls of every nation to realize that I do not look at exteriors when I judge. I look only at the heart. The Holy Love or lack of Holy Love in each heart at the moment of judgment determines the soul's eternity. How foolish then to place the hope of your eternal salvation upon some invisible mark that you hope to receive by running here or there. Holy Love in your heart is the sign I look for.”

“There are those who hear these messages, but the messages remain in their intellect and never reach their hearts. Hearing the messages and coming to the site will not save your soul. The message must come alive in your heart to bear fruit, for I do not look at the enormity of the intellect at the moment of judgment, either. This is why many devotions, visits to shrines or a holy exterior are unimpressive to Me unless they proceed from a loving and humble heart.”

“Seek your salvation–each of you–by means of the interior grace My Mother puts in your heart, enabling you to come deeper into Holy Love.”

“Make this known.”