March 25, 2002
Feast of The Annunciation
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I am the Fortress of the righteous. I uphold the humble and the simple-hearted. In their every affliction I am their strength. My battle continues to be waged by truth and against Satan who is the father of all lies.”

“Everything that hides in the darkness of hearts will be brought to the fullness of light. I was conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb of My Mother who personified truth and so, too, humility and simplicity.”

“I tell you this–to defend yourself with a lie for fear of reputation or loss of material goods strips the evil doer of Heaven's protection. In Holy Love place truth at the center of your heart for I am Truth. Let Me be your defense.”

“Never call upon the powers of darkness through lies. Trust in Me. Though you see no solution, I have it. But you will never escape unscathed by embracing lies in any situation. Even the smallest untruth offends My Most Sacred Heart. Even when you sin by omission by not correcting evil, you embrace a lie. How long will you love the sin more than you love Me?”

“Pursue the path of Holy Love which is truth itself.”