May 15, 1997
Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

Mary comes as Refuge of Holy Love. My daughter, I come to you today as your Confidante, Refuge, and Mother. I come to give praise and great honor to Jesus.”

“My coming to you should preclude any fear or misgiving you may harbor in your heart. Please understand that there are many who offer their judgments concerning my appearances to you, but they are of undefined faith and lukewarm conviction. This is why I need to come to you and through you to deliver My Grace and My Message around the earth. If hearts were convicted in Holy Love, they would not question and find fault. When, my Son returns, as He will, the scrutiny will stop and the rejoicing will begin. Until then, you must persevere in patience towards the awkward unbelievers. Some want very much to believe but fear ridicule.”

“But today, I come with a more important message than to calm your troubled heart. You have been questioning my telling you that My Image, Refuge of Holy Love, is miraculous. You ask in what way is it miraculous. My sweet daughter, it is miraculous first of all because I held and guided your hand in its execution . Next, I tell you that Satan will flee before the invocation ‘Mary, Refuge of Holy Love, pray for us.' This title is in itself a Spiritual Refuge. The more you will persevere speaking this little ejaculatory prayer, the deeper I will take you into my Heart. Let it be forever on your lips. I will convict souls in the areas of their lives most vulnerable to lack of love. I have come to you to save souls, not to dazzle the sightseers; but as my image brings spiritual healing , it will also bring with it peace.”

“You will please note the cross on My Hand which signifies an as yet unproclaimed dogma. It is a sign of My Suffering with My Beloved Son at the Hour of His Passion and Death.”

” I have come to give you much. Your ‘yes' is my comfort and joy. I am blessing you.”