September 26, 2001
Jesus Christ

“My little sister, I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. You have been asking in the depths of your heart how to convert a soul. Since I have come to you to share with you the depths of My Sacred Heart and every Chamber herein, I will give you the answer. You cannot convert a soul.”

“Conversion is between God and the soul himself. But through the grace of this Message of Holy Love, you can offer conversion. Holy Love is a conversion Message. The soul must, through a movement of his free will, humbly cooperate with the grace offered in this Message. I say humbly, for without humility combined with Holy Love, the soul is unable to see and remove from his heart all that is not in accord with the Two Great Commandments of Love.”

“And so it is with your nation, as well. Repentance is a great part of conversion. Your nation must look at what it is doing and has done that displeases God. This is the first step towards conversion. The second is to overcome these errors. So I come today to ask for your prayers towards your nation's repentance and conversion. For herein lies national security.”

“Make this known.”