September 28, 2001
Blessed Virgin Mary

“I am Mary, Mother of God. All praise be to Jesus.”

“My daughter, when you pray for peace, let your prayer be one for conversion of hearts. Do not forget, as you pray, that the terrorists are My children, as well. They, more than any, need a conviction of conscience which leads to conversion.”

“Ask your country to pray this prayer. Begin with My Missionary Servants of Holy Love.

“Heavenly Father, during this time of world crisis, let all souls find their peace and security in Your Divine Will. Give each soul the grace to understand that Your Will is Holy Love in the present moment.”

“Benevolent Father, illuminate each conscience to see the ways that he is not living in Your Will. Grant the world the grace to change and the time in which to do it. Amen.”

“This prayer should be recited at the beginning of the rosary and before the Creed. Besides that, it needs to be propagated far and wide. I charge My Missionary Servants of Holy Love with this task.”