July 19, 2001
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. This Mission, you know, is like Gabriel's horn summoning the harvesting angels to earth. For when I return, it will be on the Wings of Love. And when I come to reign in Triumph, I will be seated on a Throne of Love. Perfect love casts out all evil, for Love is the Light, evil the darkness. This is why the more the soul surrenders to Love, the more perfect he is in My Eyes.”

“When I say to you that you must be the voice crying out in the desert, it is because this Message, the United Hearts Revelation, reveals and casts out evil and brings to perfection the Light. Perhaps you believe this Message to be only for these times. You are mistaken. It is eternal. Yes, it is both here on earth and in Heaven above. Are you surprised at this?”

Maureen: “I guess I don't understand it.”

Jesus: “You do not need to. Just believe it. I will bless you.”