November 30, 2001
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. The treasure of My Heart rests upon this Mission. Indeed, the fortune I offer here cannot be tabulated on paper nor stored away in a vault, for this treasure is not any gemstone or jewel of earth. The value of the fortune of My Heart is Eternal. It will be counted in Heaven. The debit and credit will be according to the Holy Love in each heart at the moment of judgment.”

“Holy Love is the Gateway to the New Jerusalem which is Divine Love and the Chambers of My Sacred Heart. This is a treasure no man can attain by shrewdness, but only through humility of heart.”

“To the simple heart all of My Favor is within reach, but the crafty and proud cannot grasp it. Even though the treasury of the Chambers of Our Hearts remains open to all, some reach out but grasp at only their own disordered self-love. Empty your hearts of self, and I will fill you with Heavenly treasure.”