July 6, 2002
Saturday MSHL Rosary Service
Jesus Christ

“I come as Jesus, born Incarnate to address My remnant faithful.”

“My brothers and sisters, some hearts question the message that was given yesterday on the 5th of the month. They question why I would place the destruction of innocence and chastity in young ones ahead of abortion. Babies who are aborted receive a baptism of blood and they always choose the light when they see it and are saved. But the innocent children whose chastity and purity is destroyed by others often receive spiritual harm and some, because of the crimes perpetrated against them, choose damnation when they do come to Me later in life; and this is why it is a greater abomination to Me than even abortion itself.”

“Here you see, My brothers and sisters, the soul is of the utmost importance; and so, that is why I urge you to pray against pornography and any kind of molestation of the young.”

“Tonight I am blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”